An Appointment to Remember – Finding Your Wedding Dress


Welcome to the first article in our new Helen On Weddings (HOW) blog series – where Helen shares her unrivalled wisdom and stories on all things bridal, starting with the all important initial appointment to find your dream wedding dress. 

An exciting event in itself, at Helen Rodrigues your first appointment is for an hour and you have the boutique to yourself to ensure you receive personal service with our utmost attention.

Here are Helen’s five top tips on how to make your first bridal gown appointment as special and successful as possible.

Have your date and venue already set – although not always possible, ideally it’s best to have your wedding date and venue locked in prior to commencing your dress search. This really helps with selecting the perfect gown for your setting.

Decide on your budget – know how much you have to spend and be sure to check the price range of dresses on offer prior to your appointment. This way you can stay within your budget. At Helen Rodrigues, most (but not all) of our dresses start from $8,000 and we always help our brides to stay within their budget.

Come as you are – don’t wear any fake tan or too much make-up to your appointment as you could be trying on a lot of dresses.

Don’t bring too many guests – it’s a good idea to have someone with you to provide feedback, however only bring a maximum of 2-3 guests whose opinions mean the most. Too many different views can be overwhelming and possibly even stressful or confusing. 

Come with an open mind – feel free to bring some pictures or screen shots of styles you like but be open to new possibilities. There might be other styles you haven’t thought of which could be recommended to you, one of which might end up being the perfect choice.

Helen on Weddings: After 16 years in the bridal business fitting thousands of brides personally, Helen Rodrigues certainly knows a thing or two about weddings. Follow our new Helen on Weddings (HOW) blog series as Helen shares her knowledge and stories to help make your big day as beautiful and memorable as possible.