Lee Petra Grebenau

Dusanka - A Real Bride Story


Dusanka’s Story

Bride and Groom: Dusanka and Sandro
Gown Designer: Lee Petra Grebenau
Planning & Styling: Kailey Kirk Events and Weddings
Venue: The Lagoon Seafood Restaurant
Photography: Image Haus Weddings
Floral: Pepes Garden

How would you describe your wedding vision?

We both wanted everything to be very traditional, elegant, simple and to reflect our easygoing personalities as well as our Mediterranean roots.

What was the highlight of your day?

The highlight of the day was probably the ceremony. I’ve never felt so much excitement, happiness and peace all at once. I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time and every time I looked at Sandro I felt happy tears coming on. It was also the only part of the day which didn’t fly by even though for us, it only felt like the hour long ceremony went for only 10 minutes.

The highlight of the night was our first dance. I felt like we were the only ones in the room, so I let all the happy tears out and once again time stood still.

When did you know your Lee Grebenau gown was 'the one’?

My gown was actually very similar to what I first envisioned myself wearing on my wedding day, but after trying on similar styles at other boutiques I became very disheartened and worried that strapless would not suit me... so I started looking for dresses with straps.

I saw a dress on Lee’s Instagram that I thought could work for me and tracked it down only to find out Helen had it in store for her upcoming Lee Grebenau Trunk Show.

As soon as I stepped into the boutique and had a little look around my eyes were instantly drawn to a stunning leaf embroidered gown. It stood out amongst the rest, but it wasn’t the one I came in for. And it was strapless. I quickly overlooked it, thinking that would never look good on me. Helen persuaded me to try it on alongside one other Lee gown with arm cuffs.


They were both stunning and very similar in shape but the embroidery of my chosen dress was just mesmerising.

I actually wasn’t very happy with the way I looked on the day of my appointment... I was a little bit heavier than normal and I felt very bloated, yet despite everything I still felt amazing in the Lee Grebenau gown. I remember thinking “if I feel this good, in this dress, when I feel like I’m at my worst, I can’t wait to see how I’ll feel on the best day of my life”.

Helen was absolutely amazing during the entire process and helped so much in keeping me sane ( especially because I lost a little bit of weight for a gown made to my old measurements).

The fittings were always such a great experience and Helen was always very accommodating, even though I was almost always running late to appointments.

I loved the arm cuffs so I had some custom made and we also added a few extra details which made my dress completely unique to me and complete with all the features that I originally wanted but thought I couldn’t have. It was better than what I hoped for. I constantly had happy tears. Even though the dress was well over my budget, I felt such a huge relief after locking it in. And as soon as I found my dress everything just fell into place.

The dress actually ended up inspiring the design of all our stationery as well as the venue decor. Our stylist used a lot of olive beaches and eucalyptus leaves to match the pattern of the dress as well as pay homage to our Mediterranean and Australian ties.

Your photography is stunning. How did you go about selecting your wedding suppliers?

The photographer I originally wanted to book in was already booked, so I was completely lost and I couldn’t find someone that compared because I really wanted something with an editorial yet candid feel. I went to expos, bought countless magazines, googled, searched Instagram, but I didn’t have much luck.

Henryk (our photographer) actually found me. He messaged me via Instagram and as soon as I saw his work I fell in love. After we met with him in person (and hung out for a few hours) we knew we didn’t need to look any further.

All the ‘big’ suppliers were easy to find because we knew what kind of wedding we were going to have. A local Traditional Orthodox wedding with live ex-Yugoslavian rock music.

I really struggled finding vendors within our budget because I’m a sucker for good marketing so I ended up hiring Kailey Kirk to help out and coordinate... three months before the wedding. She literally saved the day, a few times over.

What advise would you give future brides to be?

Forget the budget when it comes to the dress. Once you find a dress and you’re confident in it, everything else will fall into place. Remain optimistic, try your best to be easygoing and trust your designer, but also be very clear about what you want and what is most important to you.

When it came to finding your wedding gown where did you start?

I was about 17 when I first came across Helen’s boutique. I became obsessed with Israeli designers thanks to Pinterest and Helen’s was the only store that stocked them. I contacted Helen as soon as I got engaged but the Inbal Dror dress I was interested wasn’t in store. I then went to one other trunk show which was really disappointing and decided I might be better off getting my dress made. I even made an appointment to see a designer, and in the meanwhile I accidentally discovered that Helen had Lee Grebenau dresses in for a trunk show. I actually came in with no intention of buying a dress because I was so disappointed the last time. I was just hoping to find a neckline and silhouette that worked for me.


Simona - A Real Bride Story

sim and ben 2.JPG

Simona’s Story

Bride & Groom: Simona & Ben
Gown Designer: Lee Petra Grebenau
Veil: Peter Langner
Venue: Bennelong Point
Photography: Image Haus
Film: C2 Films
Floral: Kashaya & Co
Wedding Plannign & Styling: Kashaya & Co
Neons: Sketch & Etch Creative

Simona, you were such a stunning bride and your wedding was utterly beautiful. What was your vision for your wedding day?

Thank you! Our vision for the wedding and across all my mood boards was modern elegance with crisp white tones throughout with hints of gold. A space that felt like it represented us and where our close family and friends could get together and celebrate our love.

What were the most important wedding reception styling elements to you?

It was important for us to really incorporate small elements of who we are throughout the wedding. My favourite style elements were the flower arch with our neon sign for the guests to take photos under, the seating chart which instead of table numbers we used names of travel destinations we love (we are big travellers and also live abroad) and the way the seafood bar was styled outdoors.

How did you select your wedding suppliers?

I had been saving wedding inspiration since before we even got engaged so when the time came I knew who my favourite suppliers were in the industry and it was a mixture of that and word of mouth.


What drew you to Helen Rodrigues Bridal and at what moment did you know your Lee Grebenau gown was ‘the one’?

My best friend had found her dream gown at Helen’s store so naturally it was my first booking. Helen asked me to pick a bunch of gowns to try on and funnily enough they all ended up being Lee Petra Grebenau gowns so I knew then that one of Lee’s gowns would be the one for me. I went back the following week to try on some of Lee’s new designs and as soon as I slipped in to my dress, my hands found the hidden pockets and I knew it was mine!

How did you decide to accessorise your gown?

I found this part of the process really fun. The type of accessories I had initially thought I would use didn’t actually match my gown so it was a matter of standing in front of Helen’s mirror in my dress and trying on different styles of earrings/hair pieces/veils to see what went well together. As the gown itself was heavily beaded I decided to go with a plain veil that was subtly beaded at the edge to tie in with the dress and a pair of drop earrings as my dress was strapless and my chest was bare.

sim and ben 3.JPG

What was your experience like as a #HRRealBride?

I would say Helen was definitely one of the easiest of my suppliers to work with. It was always so refreshing walking in to her store and knowing that this part of the process was always on track.

What was the highlight of your wedding day?

There are so many stand out moments for me but nothing can compare to the overwhelming feeling of walking down the aisle with my husband and walking in to the reception and feeling the love from your closest family and friends.

sim and ben 1.JPG

What was your greatest learning through your wedding planning journey?

That it takes a village!! I have a tendency to be controlling and wanting to be very hands on but I learnt to lean on my family a lot as I live overseas and needed my mum and sister to basically be the brides during the whole process. I have never been so grateful for my support network.

What advice would you give other brides when it comes to selecting their own wedding gown?

Try and let go of the idea of what you think is your dream wedding gown and just try on anything in the store that catches your eye and just let your emotions take control. Trust the process!!

sim and ben 4.JPG

Samantha - A Real Bride Story


Samantha’s Story

Bride & Groom: Samantha & Tim
Gown: Lee Petra Grebenau “Giselle” Gown
Venue: Private Estate “Attunga Grove” - Southern Highlands NSW
Photography: Image Haus
Film: Image Haus
Floral: Venue - Florals She Design | Bouquets & Buttonholes - @stemsbysammy
Event Coordination: Emma Pace Events
Styling: She Design

How did you feel when you first walked into the Helen Rodrigues boutique?

We were made to feel very welcome, offered delicious beverages, engaged in delightful conversation about my vision for our wedding, then invited to explore the selection of gowns and accessories available.  Helen and her team made us feel very welcome and worked with us to refine preferences for styling and design as I made my selections.


Samantha, your wedding was unlike anything we have been before. So unique across all details. What was your vision for your wedding day?

Thank you so much. Our vision for the day was to give our guests a truly unique and unforgettable Wedding experience. We wanted to make our guests feel as if they had been magically transported to a garden in Italy for the day and so every choice we made in terms of Venue, drinks, food & styling were all made to keep with this Italian Garden vibe. I am completely obsessed with flowers, so it was no surprise that this was a huge part of the vision for me, as was infatuation for gold, baroque details & blue-white porcelain prints. (This is literally the styling of our house too).

Overall, we just wanted the day to ooze with vibrancy & personality and to ultimately be a true reflection of Tim & a homage to the things in life that we love.


What drew you to Helen Rodrigues Bridal and at what moment did you know your Lee Petra Grebenau gown was ‘the one’?

Like most brides, immediately following my proposal, I began following a multitude of bridal-related pages on Instagram. One of these pages was Helen Rodrigues and I quickly learned that the Boutique exclusively stocked many of the International Designers I had been lusting over.

I had taken a particular interest in the designs of Israeli designer, Lee Petra Grebenau, so when I found out that Helen Rodrigues was hosting a trunk show of her full collection, I immediately booked myself in.

I had come with in with my heart already set on a particular dress (the Sansa gown), but was encouraged by my sisters & Helen to try on several. Luckily I listened, because a completely different and unexpected dress suddenly crept into the picture. I left the Boutique in utter delight, knowing that I had found not one, but two phenomenal dresses, but in the back of my mind I knew I had one hell of a decision on my hands.

The next time I went back I still had not made up my mind and it was ultimately the reactions of my sisters & mum that cemented my decision to choose the beautiful Giselle gown I wore.


How did you decide to accessorise your gown?

The Gown itself had so much beautiful & intricate detail, that I felt that jewellery could be kept to a minimum.

I opted to wear my hair up and out of my face & decided that a statement pair of earrings would be the only jewellery I would wear (aside from rings of course). I had ordered earrings online, which did not arrived on time. As if it were truly fate, just days before the wedding at my final fitting with Helen I suddenly spotted the most devine pair of Keren Wolfe earrings on display. They ended up being a match made in heaven for the dress.

The other accessory I did not hold back on was my veil. It was a hand-beaded, 3D floral masterpiece that was designed by my sister/Maid-of-honor for me. No one had ever seen anything like it before & it was truly something very special.

What was your beauty routine in the lead up to your wedding day?

About a year out from the Wedding I decided to up the anti with my skincare and began using the Rationale essential six product range for my daily routine. I also had regular facials in the lead up at Rationale.

Aside from that I just tried to exercise daily, eat a balanced diet & to make sure I was getting enough sleep.

 What was your experience like as a #HRRealBride?

 With so many other tasks to worry about, it was so nice and relaxing to know that I was in the best hands. Helen & her team are so warm & genuine that I honestly felt so at home and relaxed every time I was in the Boutique. They offered the perfect amount of guidance and advice when it was needed, but ultimately gave me the time & space I needed to arrive at each decision on my own.

When my dress arrived, the measurements that Helen had taken were so precise that it literally fit like a glove on first fitting.

I could not recommend Helen & her team more highly to future brides.

What was the highlight of your wedding day?

The whole day was such a dream. There are so many highlights, but I will say that I cannot get over the pure joy I felt during our newlywed moment, walking back down the aisle hand-in-hand as husband and wife for the first time. We were smitten & you could not wipe the smiles off our faces.

 What was your greatest learning through your wedding planning journey?

I already knew this, but the whole Wedding process also served as a huge reminder of just how incredible my Husband is. Whilst I planned all the details of the day, if it were not for him there seriously would not have been a Wedding on the day. He literally project-managed the entire Wedding seamlessly & coordinated all of our Vendors during the week of the build & the pack-down like a pro. I am a very lucky girl.

What advice would you give other brides when it comes to selecting their own wedding gown?

Don’t play into the trends too much. Go for something with timeless elegance, so that you will not find yourself cringing at your own Wedding photos in years to come.

Also put priority on comfort, you need to be able to walk, hug, dance & enjoy yourself.

Finally, be true to yourself & choose a dress that is representative of you & your style.


Focus Feature: Lee Petra Grebenau


One of Israel’s most prestigious fashion brands, Lee Petra Grebenau, is heading to Australia for the first time later this month. Known for its exquisite evening and wedding gowns, Helen Rodrigues has carefully handpicked a selection from the latest bridal collection which will soon be available at the boutique.

The designer, Lee Grebenau, discovered her passion for fashion and art at a young age with her family owning an international textile business. After graduating with honours from ‘Shenkar’ – one of the top fashion design colleges in the world – she then established her couture design house in 2011.

Attracting exclusive clientele by word of mouth thanks to her signature couture craftsmanship and hand-sewn embroideries; Grebenau’s gowns are now sold in over 11 countries including the USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and most recently Australia. 

According to Grebenau, her early inspirations were female Hollywood screen icons.

“In my youth, I was exposed to old movies my mother was watching. Powerful women like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren influenced me, and to this day in my designs I draw inspiration from these characters,” she says.  “They represent something which is timeless and that’s what I wish people to think about my designs.”

Grebenau has always been interested in bridal wear, but it wasn’t until she got married herself that it took hold of her. “I’m a real romantic, dreamy person and I enjoy escorting my brides through the process of creating their dream dress and realising their fantasies,” says the designer.

And it’s her combination of special materials and couture craftsmanship that she believes is most evident with her work. “I also love using three-dimensional flowers, beading, Swarovski elements and lace combinations,” she adds.

Once the brand began to be recognised outside of Israel, it wasn’t long before Australian brides had their eye on her designs.
“Once our brand began to be recognised outside Israel, we received a lot of requests from Australian brides. Their only option was to buy online without even measuring, so I'm really happy about the partnership now with Helen and her stunning store,” she says.

Available exclusively at Helen Rodrigues from late July will be a selection of the leading gowns from the stunning Lee Petra Grebenau Swan Lake collection – perfect for anyone looking for impeccable quality and timeless, stylish luxury.

“The Lee Petra Grebenau bride appreciates quality, knows how to recognise the quality of our handwork and is passionate about it,” says the designer. “She is someone seeking a stylish, elegant but also timeless look – a fashion forward bride with a classic touch.  Our bride is definitely not one who doesn't want to feel unique with her choices.”

To celebrate the launch of Lee Petra Grebenau in Australia, Helen Rodrigues will be holding an exclusive Trunk Show on the 21st and 22nd of July. Spaces are limited so don’t miss your chance to be one of the first in the country to wear her incredible designs. 

For all the Trunk Show details click here and for further enquiries or to book your appointment please phone 02 9904 5700.

Lee Petra Grebenau Coming to Australia


After a very busy trip to the New York Bridal Fashion Week (NYBFW) in April 2017 and searching for the next big name to bring to the Australian bride, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of Lee Petra Grebenau in late July 2017.

The Lee Petra Grebenau gowns are well known for their signature couture craftsmanship using exquisite hand-sewn embroideries, the finest fabrics and materials to uphold high end finishes with meticulous and flawless detail.

“I am very excited to be working with Helen Rodrigues and have her represent us exclusively in Australia, said Lee Grebenau.

“It is really important to me that our brides feel special in their gown and that they are well looked after in Australia. Working with Helen gives me this confidence,” she adds.

“Our wedding gowns are made uniquely and will suit any bride that appreciates high standards of quality and are looking for a one of a kind experience,” says Lee.

The Lee Petra Grebenau bridal gowns are all made to measure and start from $12,000. To be one of the first in Australia to view her exquisite collection, simply book your appointment now at the Helen Rodrigues exclusive launch day on Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd July. Bookings are $150 and include a glass of bubbles.

For more information on Lee Petra Grebenau please visit her website here or for enquires on the collection simply phone the Helen Rodrigues boutique on (02) 9904 5700.