Focus Feature: Angelina Le from Style Me Wedding


Recently, Angelina Le from Style Me Wedding came into the boutique and created a stunning window display to complement the gowns on display in our windows. We sat down with Angelina to find out more on where she gets her inspiration and advice for brides when it comes to styling.

Tell us how you began making your gorgeous flower arrangements for weddings and events?
I have always loved styling and transforming an empty space into something beautiful and magical. I love working with flowers may it be fresh or silk, I just find them so uplifting and can bring a smile on people’s face. 

The first time I styled up an event was for a friend’s photo shoot. I remember that day to be crazy and pretty busy however I enjoyed every minute of it. Just seeing my work on display at my client’s wedding and the appreciation on their faces makes it all worth the work involved. 

How long have you been styling weddings?
I have been in the wedding styling industry for about three years now. 

Where do you get your inspiration for your installations?
This might sound a little peculiar considering I am the stylist, but I get my inspiration form talking to my brides. Through our conversations where my brides would tell me the things she likes, the location of her ceremony, the venue and even the grown she has picked for the day, I would use all these things to inspire me to come up with a design that is personal to them. 

What advice do you have for brides regarding styling their weddings?
My advice to brides regarding styling for their wedding is to have a budget. By having one, your stylist can help you achieve your dream wedding without comprising your budget. This keeps the brides happy and a stylist’s job just that little bit easier. This will in turn minimise or even eliminate the stress that is associated with styling for your wedding.

My other advice is to consider the location of where their wedding ceremony and reception will be held. Consider the kind of atmosphere they would like to be surrounded by on their wedding day. Once the brides take all this into consideration, it will help them take the first step in styling their wedding. 


What are your favourite styling trends of 2017 so far & any predictions for 2018? 
My favourite style trends of 2017 would be all the gorgeous floral ceiling installation and I love how they are couple with stunning chandeliers. 

My predictions for styling trends in 2018 is more ceiling installation of different styles. I believe that the style trend for 2018 is to the imagination of the stylist and their bride. 

You created a wonderful installation for our windows which we adore – what was your inspiration for this?
Thank you for your lovely comment. All the beautiful gowns you have in your store was my inspiration for your window display. I wanted to create a river floral effect running from one window to the next to complement the stunning gowns you have on display.